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Monica's Priorities

Protect Open Space and Responsible Growth

Preserving natural lands such as Dimple Dell, protecting our canyons, and being responsible with growth of the City are pressing concerns you have shared. As your representative, I have taken bold action to challenge entrenched attitudes to ensure residents are protected from the sweeping changes of rapid growth.  Notably I have:


  • Led the Keep Dimple Dell Wild movement which halted the pavement of Dimple Dell Park in 2017.

  • Founder of Dimple Dell Earth Day, which mobilizes hundreds of Sandy volunteers for annual clean-up project, supported by local business sponsors

  • Spearheaded the local historic restoration of Pioneer Homestead in Dimple Dell Park

  • Interviewed our neighbors impacted by developments at Farnsworth Farms & Copper Creek.

  • Advocated for the rezone of Kuwahara to keep a popular business operating.

Public Safety

I'm an advocate for public safety and our public employees. In the rise of the pandemic, our first responders and front line workers worked tirelessly and bore the greatest personal risk.  Every day, our public works strives to keep up with Sandy’s growth and the structural changes that come with it.  I have:  

  • Protected first responders’ modest pay increases of first responders by casting a decisive “no” vote to a punitive Council 2020 budget proposal.

  • During the Water Crisis Response, organized door-to-door safety alert, water testing & supply of safe water for citizens, pets & livestock

  • Worked alongside our departments to find a way to solve the problem of crumbling, dangerous sidewalks all over the city.


It should be easy for all of us to communicate with our elected officials and to be aware of decisions that affect our city.  Our city government is more transparent because of proposals I put forward and gained approval from the City Council for, such as:


  • The requirement of site signs on all proposed rezones.

  • Online reporting of campaign contributions

  • Moving the public comment time to a fixed, consistent time block during city council meetings.

Join me in challenging all candidates to my August 31st Campaign Disclosure Transparency Challenge

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