Working and speaking up for you!


I have fought to improve transparency in our city government so it's easy for people to communicate, understand, and participate in local decision making.

  • Proposal and approval of the requirement of site signs on all proposed rezones..

  • Proposal and approval of online reporting of campaign donation contributions.

  • Proposal and approval of moving the public comment time to a set, reliable time during city council meetings.

  • Proposed a cap on campaign donation contributions to ensure that residents have the strongest voice in our elections and not special interest groups.

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Demonstrated Leadership

As your representative, I bring my skills as an attorney and community organizer to the council, and I can point to direct and meaningful improvements resulting from my leadership on the council. I'm active and visible in the community and known for being proactive. Whether at your front door, at a park or a grocery store, I'm eager to listen to you and our neighbors. Not only am I eager to listen, I'm eager to learn - I've learned a lot by listening to all of your input, whether it be on a budget item, zoning, or worry about losing grocery stores at an alarming rate over the last three years.
  • Sustained a historic mayoral veto of budget that would have cut pay for our trusted first responders and city employees.
  • Challenged the "way it's always been done" when it comes to spending, even for our own council.
  • Proposed campaign donation caps.
  • Often the lone voice calling into question excessive spending of taxpayer money. The most recent instances of this were in regards to the Central Wasatch Commission and our City Council staff and contracts.

Responsible Growth

I hear and listen to your priorities. Preserving our natural lands such as Dimple Dell, protecting our crowded canyons, and being responsible with future growth of the City are pressing concerns you have shared. As your representative, I have taken bold action to challenge entrenched attitudes to ensure residents are protected from the sweeping changes of rapid growth.

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  • As a council member, I went door to door to interview neighbors immediately impacted by developments at Farnsworth Farms & Copper Creek.

  • Advocated for rezone of Kuwahara to keep a popular business operating.

  • Leader of the Keep Dimple Dell Wild movement that was responsible for halting the pavement of Dimple Dell Park in 2017.

Connecting with People

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  • Responds to needs in our neighborhoods by supporting student groups, local food pantries, and participating in outreach with senior citizen groups.

  • Collected signatures for weeks at a local grocery store to repeal the sales tax on food.

  • Volunteered during the 2019 fluoride water crisis to collect water samples and share safety information with residents.

  • Lead a movement for environmental preservation as the leader of the Keep Dimple Dell Wild campaign.

Public Safety

I'm an advocate for public safety and our public employees. I'm especially proud of my efforts last year to protect the pay of our first responders and front line workers who bore the greatest personal risk of working in the time of the pandemic. When their modest pay increases were threatened, I championed their cause and rallied residents in support to protect their wages. My vote on the council helped prevent the workers bearing the brunt of a very punitive budget that would have stripped them of that security. I'm proud to say because of my efforts, our police, fire and essential workers were protected in a time of uncertainty and upheaval.

  • Fight for a budget that demonstrates that we value first responders.

  • Advocated for increased traffic enforcement city-wide.

  • Worked alongside our departments to find a way to solve the problem of crumbling, dangerous sidewalks all over the city.