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Financial Disclosures

Is transparency important to you? When I proposed legislation for early financial disclosures dates this election, four council members shot it down. Another 4-3 vote.

Looking at the candidate disclosures filed Oct. 11th (and a 2nd round due 10/26), we now see why. It’s no surprise they didn’t want the donor lists made public when you see who’s gulping down developer and billboard industry money.

Before voting, ask yourself why any mayoral or city council candidate doesn’t want to give you time to consider who’s donating to their campaigns.

Realtors and developers donate heavily to candidates who help move along their density projects and favor their rapid growth agenda. Want more digital billboards on Sandy? Look whose ads are running on 1-15. This is why voters deserve access to this critical transparency information.

Know where your candidate stands. I voluntarily shared my full campaign donation and expense list at the end of August. I don’t take donations from developers or the billboard industry like the others do.

Hard work and independence is what I bring to the table. As mayor I’ll work only for YOU.

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