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Monica is proud to be endorsed by real Sandy residents, including Terri Hrechkosy, Pete & Sandy Haak, Jim Edwards, Aaron Dekeyzer, Mike & Tiffany Keim, Daniel & Laurie Seron, Melissa Richardson, Jim Clark, John Martinez, Daniel & Cassandra Fale, Lisa Caddy, Elizabeth Thackery, Sharon Burkinshaw, Collette Engle, Amado & Regina Diaz, Wendy Davis, Sandra Hardesty, Rhonda & Peter Jenson, Mike & Nanita Whittman, Kat Peterson, Amy Flynn, Ashlee Swenson, John & Tresa Martindale, Dave & Debbie DeSeelhort, Brian and Melissa CheboskiDave & Deb Hafner, Kathy & Val Walker, and many more!

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​SLCo Sheriff Rosie Rivera

"I'm happy to endorse Monica for Sandy Mayor because of her experience as a Sandy City prosecutor and her strong support for first responders in her community."

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Kurt Bradburn

"We need Monica Zoltanski as our next Sandy Mayor. She's highly respected by Sandy residents, business leaders, and elected officials who trust her to listen and represent our city with fairness and integrity. She's got my vote!

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Sandy Police & Firefighters


Fred Lowery

I've lived in Bell Canyon Acres 47 years and Monica is the best thing that's ever happened to our neighborhood. People like her don't come along often. She's a straight shooter who tells it like it is, treats people fairly, and gets things done. Our city will be in good hands with Monica at the reins. Join Tammi and me and vote Monica Z!

Jodi Monaco

"I've given this very careful thought, and decided Monica Zoltanski has earned my vote. I trust her to bring positive changes to our city, fueled by her passion for Sandy's needs now and into the future. I can't think of many leaders who care as much about our city as Monica does"

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Lynnae Ness

"Monica Zoltanski was the best prosecutor Sandy City ever employed. The time she spent preparing her cases and interviewing She spent more time interviewing victims of crimes than and never lost a jury trial. Monica's investigations of cases was crucial in successful prosecution of crimes committed in Sandy. She is fair and honest!"

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Labor Unions:
Central UT Federation of Labor

Operating Engineers
Plumbers & Pipefitters


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