I'd like to thank everyone who has supported my campaign by promoting my message with their endorsement, donation, and time. I'm proud to have the support of my friends and neighbors in Sandy as well as several important leaders and groups throughout the valley.

Because of your backing in the primary, I am the voters' #1 choice in District 4. I will work hard to earn that same position in the November 5th general election.

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Britta  B.

Sandy City Resident


"Around five years ago, I started following Sandy City Council and local politics. It was an eye opener to see who represented me and how the City Council Operated. This election, I feel blessed to have two amazing candidates to choose from, but Monica has our vote.

She has it because she has earned it. For years I have seen her at City Council meetings and meetings of other local community councils, organizations, and bodies. She isn't afraid to dive right in and figure out not just the problem or problems, but solutions. Just ask my kids what they think of volunteering at Dimple Dell Earth Day Cleanup and you'll know that Monica is not just doing great things, but actively engaging the community.

In the words of one of my political inspirations, 'The best kind of politics is when you help people become their own best selves'. I believe Monica envisions this. She makes me a better, more committed, and actively engage resident of my community. I look forward to seeing what she does when elected."

Jodi Monaco

Sandy City Resident

Jodi Monaco.jpg

"I've given this very careful thought, and decided Monica Zoltanski has earned my vote. I trust her to bring positive changes to our city, fueled by her passion for Sandy's needs now and into the future. While working alongside her, I've seen her act as an engaged leader who follows through when it really counts. Her record proves her ability to get out and work for - and with - Sandy's community at all levels. I can't think of many leaders who care as much about our city as Monica does, and I trust her to add the right voice to the Sandy City Council."

Lynnae Ness

25-year Sandy City Employee

Lynnae Ness.jpg

"Monica Zoltanski was one of the best prosecutors Sandy City employed. She spent more time interviewing victims of crimes than any other prosecutor. Monica's investigations of cases was crucial in successful prosecution of crimes committed in Sandy! She is fair and honest!"

Brooke Christensen

Sandy City Council, District 1

Brooke Christensen.jpg

"Monica has been coming to city council meetings regularly for years. She has credibility with government officials because she is informed on the issues and speaks for a large segment of our community. I support her for Sandy City Council District 4."

Kathleen Riebe

Utah State Senate, District 8

Kathleeen Riebe.jpg

"With Monica Zoltanski on the council, Sandy City will have a dedicated public servant who is passionate about serving her community."

Jenny Wilson

Salt Lake County Mayor

Jenny Wilson.jpg

"Monica Zoltanski is the real deal. We don't need to wonder what Monica will do once she's elected. She's already shown she's an accomplished leader who's dedicated to her community."

Rosie Rivera

Salt Lake County Sheriff

Rosie Rivera.png

"I'm happy to endorse Monica for city council because of her experience as a Sandy City prosecutor and her strong support for our first responders and her dedication to her community."

Shireen Ghorbani

Salt Lake County Council, At-Large

Shireen Ghorbani.jpg

"Monica is a respected leader who puts people first. She speaks up for those who feel the pressure of density and loss of open space. Monica has already accomplished so much for her community, including saving Dimple Dell Park from being paved. I know she will work hard for the people of Sandy and do great things on the city council."

Richard Snelgrove

Salt Lake County Council, At-Large

Richard Snelgrove.jpg

"I am very happy to endorse Monica's candidacy for City Council. Her public service has been exceptional and she has my support."

Aimee Winder Newton

Salt Lake County Council, District 3

Aimee WInder Newton.jpg

"Monica is a strong leader who stands up for what's right. The people of Sandy will be well served to have her voice on the council."