Monica Makes the News

'It's never been an Issue': Cars booted during fundraiser in Sandy
September 25, 2019

City residents were attending a fundraiser horse riding event on Saturday in Dimple Dell. Among them was Sierra Engle. While out on the trails she learned that vehicles were being booted in the nearby Smith's parking lot where she says people have been parking without any problem for over a decade, in some cases many decades.

Two Sandy rezone applications shine light on property rights debate
September 23, 2019
The Sandy Journal

Normally, city council meetings that consider land use decisions in this valley consist of residents campaigning for the development of large single-family homes in lieu of high-density developments like townhomes and condominiums. In Sandy, however, a group of Sandy residents have organized to oppose a proposal for two new developments of single-family homes. 

Controversial Sandy rezone withdrawn, planning commissioner resigns

SANDY — A controversial rezone has been withdrawn and a Sandy city planning commissioner has resigned after residents opposed to the proposal decried an alleged conflict of interest over his connection to developers.

The rezone, which has consumed the public comment period on a number of City Council meetings, would have split 4.5 acres of horse-friendly property into quarter-acre lots without animal rights.

September 11, 2019
Deseret News
Some Sandy residents cry foul over commissioner's alleged conflict of interest
September 8, 2019
Deseret News

SANDY — Sandy’s mayor and city attorney have drafted changes to the city’s Planning Commission bylaws after some residents opposed to a controversial rezone application that would break up 4.5 acres of horse-friendly property into quarter-acre lots without animal rights decried a conflict of interest.

Sandy votes to allow beer sales at some Sandy Amphitheater Concerts
April 26, 2019

SANDY — The Sandy City Council this week voted to allow concertgoers to buy beer at the Sandy Amphitheater during certain concerts.


The vote came after amphitheater officials and concert promoters lobbied the council to allow them to sell alcohol in a venue where they say liquor is already being sneaked in on a regular basis.

Dimple Dell Earth Day Cleanup returns for third year
March 22, 2019
The Sandy Journal

For the third year in a row, the Dimple Dell Preservation Community (DDPC) is hosting an Earth Day–affiliated cleanup of Dimple Dell park. 


Last year the event drew over 500 volunteers who collectively hauled out over 10,000 pounds of garbage and invasive weeds from the massive park that stretches across nearly all of Sandy City. 

Utahns help test water in Sandy after lead, fluoride contamination
February 18, 2019

(KUTV) — A couple dozen people woke up early on their day off to help test water around Sandy City on Monday morning.

The ‘no-drinking’ order was lifted Sunday night leaving some residents still concerned.

Dimple Dell will stay 'wild'; county scraps plan to pave Sandy trail
May 12, 2017

SANDY — To cheers from horse riders, dog walkers, mountain bikers and other avid users of Dimple Dell Regional Park, Salt Lake County and Sandy officials announced Friday that plans to pave the trail are no more.

Instead, the $4 million set aside for Dimple Dell from a recently passed parks bond will be used for other improvements in the nature park.