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“The City of Sandy is special.  We must balance preserving what makes us uniquely Sandy with responsible growth for our future.”  

You might know me as your current Sandy City Councilwoman of District 4, but I got my start in local issues in 2017 when I learned about Salt Lake County’s plan to pave Dimple Dell Park with $4 million of our tax dollars. I was just one person, but I decided to start talking about it. Every night after work I would put on my red cowboy hat and go in the park to talk to people who, like me, were worried about how this would harm the environment and ruin a perfectly good thing - our 

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The Story of The Red Cowboy Hat

undeveloped nature preserve.  With the support of thousands of Sandy residents, I led the successful campaign to reverse that decision and save our tax dollars.  The red cowboy hat has been with me ever since. I continue to serve as president of the Dimple Dell Preservation Community and my group organizes the popular annual Earth Day Cleanup and many other preservation activities in the park.


personal care.  Over the years, I have owned a series of successful local antique retail shops, which fuel my love of American history and the westward expansion. At present, I’m a full time council member and candidate.

I stand for: Protecting our Neighborhoods. Supporting Public Safety Officers. Responsible Management of Your Tax Dollars. Whether it’s $3,000 or $3,000,000, I take my job seriously to protect the taxpayer. I take pride in keeping a close relationship with the people I serve by being proactive, accessible and a problem solver.


Join me and protect what makes Sandy unique by voting “Monica Z” for Mayor this November 2nd.

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Besides my work for Dimple Dell, I want to share some of my background: I am a longtime Sandy resident, community advocate, business owner, and former Sandy City prosecutor. 


I was raised in Northwest Ohio and come from a large family, #9 of 10 kids. I graduated from Marquette University with my undergraduate degree in journalism. After graduating law school from the University of Toledo in 1996, I moved to start my law career as a litigator and made Utah my home. I served as a Sandy City prosecutor for several years, and have been a dedicated supporter of law enforcement throughout my career.  I'm an animal lover and avid outdoorswoman. The reason I moved to my Sandy neighborhood, Bell Canyon Acres, is because of its easy proximity to Dimple Dell Park and Little Cottonwood Canyon. I love living in a place where I can keep my own horses in my backyard and provide them

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